The Nature Boy Show Gardening Guide

11. Olive Oil, Salt, and Beans

March 14, 2017

Olive Oil

  • made from cold-pressing olives
  • extra-virgin: first pressing, filtered, very low smoke point
  • virgin:  first or second pressing, less flavour
  • refined:  anything goes
  • pure:  blend of refined and vrigin
  • two important dimensions:  acidity and polyphenol ( a type of tannin)
  • acidity comes from the type of olive and soil in which it is grown
  • polyphenol content is from pulp or skin of the olive
  • polyphenol content is measured in mg/kg (150 - 500 )
  • polyphenol tastes bitter, astrigent, powerful
  • for more information, see Olives en Folie


  • where does salt come from?  from the sea or from mines
  • Himalayan salt comes from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan (red because of iron content)
  • sea salt tends to be more soluble in water
  • salt can vary in taste, grain size, and shape:
    • sel fume is smoky and comes in large flakes that keep their crunch in salads
    • Hawaiian salt is very sandy in texture
    • fleur-de-sel has very soft texture, and a big, ocean flavour
    • Cyprus salt is sometimes flavoured with saffron for pairing with seafood
  • I bought my salts at Les Douceurs du Marché in Atwater Market in Montreal.