The Nature Boy Show Gardening Guide

14. Cancer and Cooking Shows

April 4, 2017

Living with cancer and gardening for health and wellness

The worst words one can hear, "you have cancer" You are dealt these cards now you must play them. Never let the disease rule your life. Continue with your life pre-diagnosis. Smile and be brave for your loved ones. Your loved ones will be brave and smile with you. Positivity, always remain hopeful. Live in the moment and worry about tomorrow when it gets here. You can't change yesterday. so don't fret. Make the best of every day.

Gardening is a great medicine. Relieving stress and making a connection to nature and Mother Earth and all she has to offer. producing your own healing medicines and healthy foods. Enjoying the great outdoors and all its creatures that come to your garden. Its all there for you so take great advantage. It will give you a peace of mind. A peace of mind is the best medicine.


Cooking TV Shows the past 50 years


We love to cook and were inspired by all the cooking shows the past 50 years. A walk down memory lane and all the cook shows that live in our memory. From the Galloping Gourmet, the 2 Woks and Emeril and his famous Bam!