The Nature Boy Show Gardening Guide

9. The Love Apple & Stevia

February 28, 2017

The Love Apple aka Pomodoro aka tomato

Native to central and south America. Brought by the Spaniards

Lycopersicum Esculentem.

Determinate tomatoes.. Grow to about 4’ tall When fruit sets at terminal tip, fruit all mature at same time and plant dies. Great for containers

Indeterminate.. Can grow to 12’ tall and continuously produce fruit until frost. Must be staked.

Dwarfs.. 16-18’ tall. Tiny Tim the most popular dwarf.


Lycopersicum Pimpinfolium….Red/yellow current tomato. Fruit pea sized. Indeterminate and very vigourous.


Heirloom/heritage tomato. Open pollinated, breed true when pollinated within itself.

Seeds saved over generations over decades. Stablility, taste, individuality


Hybrid tomatoes. Cross between 2 genetically different tomatoes. Bred for productivity, disease resistence, consistency, and longevity. Greenhouse production.  Less flavorfull


Stevia Rebaudiana.  Nature’s sweet secret.

A shrub native to Paraguay/Brazil

Grows 1-3 feet tall.

Used by the indigenous people (pre -columbian) as a natural sweetner.

First discovered????1887 Antonio Bertoni

Herb,10-15 times sweeter than sugar.

Extracts, steviosides 200-300 times sweeter than sugar.

Without effects of refined processed sugar.

After WW2 Japan began to study stevia, and began using in many commercially produced products in Japan

Leaves harvested pre-flowering for max sweetness.